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Nothing beats the great outdoors.

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  • Realist Hmong
    Realist Hmong23 ditë më parë

    Hollywood let all the good ones go.

  • Konstantin Reichert
    Konstantin Reichert27 ditë më parë

    Holy Moly. What an awesome idea. Kevin you are the inventor of a true digital Transformation to a new dimension.

  • Teague Jelinek
    Teague JelinekMuaj më parë

    Hahahahahahahaha dude

  • Jacob Alderman
    Jacob Alderman2 muaj më parë


  • [Dark Autumn 3D]
    [Dark Autumn 3D]3 muaj më parë

    Why not sit with your back against something? Would be more realistic lol.

  • Milanov M V
    Milanov M V4 muaj më parë

    C😎😄L ♄ from 🇧🇬

  • Marc Fuchs
    Marc Fuchs5 muaj më parë

    The interesting thing about this video is...... that this is nothing you could only do virtually. Everybody can go out and have a little fire somewhere. I already have, and will do again. Have you? Go do it, it gives the relaxation to your mind that it might quite well need.

  • Anthony.Jesse.S
    Anthony.Jesse.S5 muaj më parë

    Id click the LIKE button a hundred times if i could

  • Andrew Lass
    Andrew Lass5 muaj më parë

    Notice how the sirens turn perfectly into crickets and nature sounds

  • jables 232
    jables 2325 muaj më parë

    There's no reason he can't have a fire alone and make hotdogs?

  • Melanie Austin
    Melanie Austin6 muaj më parë


  • Mike Morse
    Mike Morse7 muaj më parë

    I wish

  • Zahir K Lazarus
    Zahir K Lazarus7 muaj më parë

    When will games get this real

  • 3 Steps Ahead
    3 Steps Ahead7 muaj më parë

    KJ you are too funny

  • A A
    A A7 muaj më parë


  • The Nuggeteer
    The Nuggeteer7 muaj më parë

    I love Kevin James... always have and always will

  • ikor roki
    ikor roki7 muaj më parë

    This was good. I bet he didn't mind repeat the scenes for a few more times than necessary.

  • msteresa1987
    msteresa19877 muaj më parë

    Oh this what the world needs right now.

  • Randomfully Wonderful
    Randomfully Wonderful8 muaj më parë


  • Prasanna's Approach
    Prasanna's Approach8 muaj më parë

    love all you're videos. but, I'm afraid that sooner or later this might be the reality

  • Wisconsin Comedy Tour
    Wisconsin Comedy Tour8 muaj më parë

    I love any movie that brings back memories of being a kid... Thats why i loved the Grown Ups movies.. Camping, Fishing, Waterpark... Kev.. make some more outdoor Movie Shorts.. I loved the Fishing one!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mariah Marshall
    Mariah Marshall9 muaj më parë

    All I Can Say Is đŸ˜‚đŸ€Ł

  • layton7430
    layton74309 muaj më parë


  • Lex Tuomr
    Lex Tuomr10 muaj më parë

    That is becoming sadly true...

  • Jetara
    Jetara10 muaj më parë

    I'm pretty late to the party...but this is the best YT Content in years, thanks

  • siguy715
    siguy71510 muaj më parë

    I was waiting for you to bite into the TV remote or something. Another awesome video.

  • Isengramm
    Isengramm10 muaj më parë


  • Cybit
    Cybit10 muaj më parë

    This is some Black Mirror level.

  • Epic Kingdom
    Epic Kingdom10 muaj më parë

    Now I want VR, wait, what am I saying?! I want to go camping!

  • Right Price 6.blo_anfriends
    Right Price 6.blo_anfriends10 muaj më parë

    I see what Kevin James was doing here. As much as it hurts the heart and I agree with him, it’s not funny.

  • Buzz The Buzzard
    Buzz The Buzzard10 muaj më parë

    Loved this skit but not a fan of watching someone eat...so torn.

  • Sae Wulv
    Sae Wulv10 muaj më parë

    This one hits right home.. camp fire chill time is golden.. and i hate camping... but camp fire chill time is awesome

  • Tiagraj I
    Tiagraj I10 muaj më parë

    Goddamn. Best recommended vidéos

  • Yoo B!
    Yoo B!10 muaj më parë

    King of ALthe

  • Andrew Misek
    Andrew Misek10 muaj më parë

    this video made me hungry

  • Furiosa Sinclair
    Furiosa Sinclair11 muaj më parë

    Kevin James is my happy place.

  • Tino Ms
    Tino MsVit më parë

    Bruh best sword art online live action

  • Nikola Tesla
    Nikola TeslaVit më parë


  • Grumpy Munchkin
    Grumpy MunchkinVit më parë

    Brilliant. Just brilliant.

  • Exu Caviera
    Exu CavieraVit më parë

    Everyone I know suks. No one told me about this channel. Very disappointed in them.

  • Gabriel Jackson
    Gabriel JacksonVit më parë

    Be happy Kevin. Never be depressed. You have a gift from God.

  • RegularDude
    RegularDudeVit më parë

    this makes me sad

  • Salim Osman
    Salim OsmanVit më parë

    Not a bad thing...❀

  • Eddie The Viking
    Eddie The VikingVit më parë

    It wasn't that great of an idea, but it made me laugh.

  • MissSeaShell
    MissSeaShellVit më parë

    I need more mustard in my life

  • Sean Volk
    Sean VolkVit më parë

    U know when a ALthe channel is, you play it at normal speed with no multiplier

  • ray
    rayVit më parë

    an unexpected laugh on a Sunday morning, thank you

  • T Jackson Dolph
    T Jackson DolphVit më parë

    These are all great. They should have given YOU that netflix multi movie deal.

  • Mr. White
    Mr. WhiteVit më parë

    Love it!!

    ARTUDAYVit më parë

    me playing red dead redemption...

  • Brick Empires
    Brick EmpiresVit më parë

    Man. I am so glad I live in the country, not the city right now. I can have camp whenever! And go to the creek, walk for a couple miles, look at the stars I'm the night sky, it's just great.

  • KSM
    KSMVit më parë

    Why the move is on and your PsVr is off? Too bad...

  • Brad Lewis
    Brad LewisVit më parë

    i was waiting for him to poke a stick in the room , and electricute himself in a socket

  • TheWateringWiz
    TheWateringWizVit më parë

    Amazing video, so happy to have found this channel

  • Mark Ryan Trullinger
    Mark Ryan TrullingerVit më parë

    I don't even need the headset. Still stuck in city limits, but my mind can go where not many can.

  • Dominique B
    Dominique BVit më parë

    Kevin and Co, you're geniuses but I really hope this is not foreshadowing reality đŸ˜¶đŸ˜Č

  • R L
    R LVit më parë

    This proves that hollywood has absolutely no idea who to cast or use since they completely tossed this guy to the side. Just watching his youtube content alone would make me want to cast him in different roles from serious to his typical comedic self. He is such an underrated person and it sucks he isn't in more. But hey, keep doing reboots of reboots and 30 of the same series with the same actors. Hollywood needs a good swift kick in the nuts for ignoring Kevin's talents

  • Derporsche
    DerporscheVit më parë

    Kevin eats a mean dog....

  • Spectre-Games Studio
    Spectre-Games StudioVit më parë

    I think many people are watching beside the point. One can easily go do the things in real life that they somehow ended up replacing with games and virtual realities. Like building a camp in the woods. fun activities and sports that I've seen people play on Wii back in the day.

  • Drew Hardage
    Drew HardageVit më parë


  • SamValle04
    SamValle04Vit më parë


  • The Podfather Show
    The Podfather ShowVit më parë

    How does this man not have MILLIONS of subscribers??

  • ratikka0
    ratikka0Vit më parë

    How did he do that? The PSVR wasn't even on!!??

  • Roses CODM
    Roses CODMVit më parë


  • Shane Webster
    Shane WebsterVit më parë

    mine is on a boat, in a creek. used to hit that like a crack pipe before and after work. ;)

  • Joshua Hankey
    Joshua HankeyVit më parë

    the earbuds popping out sound got me good

  • Hey! That's not my walrus!
    Hey! That's not my walrus!Vit më parë

    His works so simple, yet, so profound.

  • vmwindustries
    vmwindustriesVit më parë

    Very impressed with this channel. How many people are working with you? This channel is about to absolutely explode! You should work with Will Smith for real, and advertise each others channels. Or even have Jack Black jump in with you Kevin. I know Jack doesn't really dive in too much since its more of a father son thing, but Kevin you could show him how its done. Lol 😆 đŸ€Ł Could you do some more sci-fi? That Gone fishing short was hilarious!

  • Dr Ganknstein
    Dr GanknsteinVit më parë

    Lol I love how he has that old Playstation wand thingy.

  • mark brownner
    mark brownnerVit më parë

    trapped in pandemic prison this is the only way out.....virtual nature....without the smoke...

  • Bxing Head22
    Bxing Head22Vit më parë

    @kevinjames man I want to work with you. I’m independent. I want to do stuff like this. Always been a fan since kind of queens. I’m glad to see some of my ideas I can see in your videos. It’s inspires me to have faith in the stuff I want to film

  • Not Major Tom
    Not Major TomVit më parë

    Wow. Excellent shorts and fantastic editing work. Kudos.

  • Jose Moya
    Jose MoyaVit më parë

    Thank you ALthe gods for bringing me here

  • TheWhiteSilence
    TheWhiteSilenceVit më parë

    I swear every single one of his videos he's eating.

  • Optical Power
    Optical PowerVit më parë

    Nice skills đŸŽ„â€ïž

  • shane hart
    shane hartVit më parë

    I’m so glad I found this channel

  • Bizarius1
    Bizarius1Vit më parë

    Hell yeah brother!

  • Kaique Mesquita Correa
    Kaique Mesquita CorreaVit më parë

    You can still go alone to the middle of the woods and still be safe from corona. That’s the best form of isolation.

  • Rhys Wong
    Rhys WongVit më parë

    Only Kevin can eat hotdogs in the virtual world and the real world.

  • Marilee Krogel
    Marilee KrogelVit më parë

    I absolutely love your short films. Keep it up. You are amazing. I want to marry you! Lol

  • Sam Dawood
    Sam DawoodVit më parë


  • Caleb V.
    Caleb V.Vit më parë

    This is sad, but the right kind of sad.

  • Kristoffer Adelbrant
    Kristoffer AdelbrantVit më parë

    Covid didnt kill Hollywood, Kevin James is. Legend!

  • Robert Harris
    Robert HarrisVit më parë

    Every single one is great.

  • Black & White
    Black & WhiteVit më parë

    too creepy and realistic to be funny

  • Canal Vitorizando
    Canal VitorizandoVit më parë

    Heyyyy I love you đŸ˜Žâ€âœŒđŸ§”đŸ–

    AZVIDSVit më parë


  • Avision Fizpz
    Avision FizpzVit më parë

    This is the best thing ever. 😂😂

  • D. Aardent
    D. AardentVit më parë

    Wow, how they can build up the tension and expectation so fast and its like wait whoa, its over? Whadaheck?! Lol. That was so great though, very good relaxing mood thing. I think i could just watch an hour of him sitting by the fire and burning sticks and roasting hotdogs with all the wonderful sound effects.

  • SpaceProbe Gaming
    SpaceProbe GamingVit më parë

    this guy shoukd get his own sitcom

  • Private Thunderhead
    Private ThunderheadVit më parë

    Now i want hotdogs..

  • Candy Bartholomew
    Candy BartholomewVit më parë


  • Jim P
    Jim PVit më parë

    My hero

  • Chaz from outer space
    Chaz from outer spaceVit më parë

    This hits too hard....

  • Rushena Fyne
    Rushena FyneVit më parë

    This is literally the future of VR I’m waiting for

  • Trevor Lee
    Trevor LeeVit më parë

    So fitting for the world today.

  • Diane Byrne
    Diane ByrneVit më parë

    I can almost smell the campfire

  • Aaron‱ Highcloud
    Aaron‱ HighcloudVit mĂ« parĂ«

    I wish earbuds made that sound every time Lol

  • Damon Harvey
    Damon HarveyVit më parë


  • John Doe
    John DoeVit më parë

    If VR ever gets as good as this, I will never leave the house again. Covid19 or not.

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