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  • plavo videos
    plavo videos4 orë më parë

    Come back

  • 9zero6
    9zero68 orë më parë

    Kevin? Where did you go?

  • Coreys Piano
    Coreys PianoDitë më parë

    More videos please 😀

  • Gouch Scowl
    Gouch Scowl2 ditë më parë

    Kevin James is seriously underrated.

  • Dirty Mike
    Dirty Mike4 ditë më parë

    Where did you go!? Miss your videos!

  • Wayne Jamel
    Wayne Jamel5 ditë më parë

    Kevin James please give us more content... either the next season of the crew, a movie, or more youtube

  • Gary W-l-o-t
    Gary W-l-o-t6 ditë më parë

    Where been Doug? It's been a while

  • Jake Ringold
    Jake Ringold6 ditë më parë

    Why did you stop? Where’s the next vid!

  • James Ard
    James Ard12 ditë më parë

    Where u been at Kevin. We want new content. Been missing you buddy.

  • Zeynep Altunbey
    Zeynep Altunbey13 ditë më parë

    Best regards from ABD

  • Emerson West
    Emerson West15 ditë më parë

    Now that The Crew is over, can you please start doing funny things again?

  • Saiyan MGTOW
    Saiyan MGTOW17 ditë më parë

    Couldn't pull the trigger??! Exactly!

  • SDsc0rch
    SDsc0rch17 ditë më parë

    German.. what?!? varion...... who??

  • Âż`_
    ¿`_18 ditë më parë

    This is just flat out stupid. It doesn't even pass off as slapstick and the special effects don't match up Âż`_

  • Shane & browmars
    Shane & browmars18 ditë më parë


  • Logan Doran
    Logan Doran18 ditë më parë

    Come back!

  • Mr. Poopy Butthole
    Mr. Poopy Butthole19 ditë më parë

    You alive, James? Where'd you go??

  • Omega Plebbern
    Omega Plebbern20 ditë më parë

    Where are you my dude :/

  • nickyruso2786
    nickyruso278620 ditë më parë

    Entertainment at its finest

  • Tom Landolt
    Tom Landolt22 ditë më parë

    need new content man.

  • Drone 2223
    Drone 222323 ditë më parë


  • azimus1776
    azimus177623 ditë më parë

    America needs you back Kevin

  • Sniperior
    Sniperior24 ditë më parë

    please come back to youtube!

  • kiki balustrada
    kiki balustrada28 ditë më parë

    pls do one with Forest Gump !

  • Xx1sniper417
    Xx1sniper41729 ditë më parë

    It’s been quiet

  • Drulipabs
    DrulipabsMuaj më parë

    Hopefully Kevin Not Done with This Channel

  • SDA Sermons
    SDA SermonsMuaj më parë

    All of yall made mean comments about Kevin James new sitcom... now he stopped making youtube videos... and the Crew was a good show

  • Đ‘Đ°Ń€Ń‚ĐŸŃˆ КраДĐČсĐșĐžĐč

    Đ‘Đ°Ń€Ń‚ĐŸŃˆ КраДĐČсĐșĐžĐč

    15 ditë më parë

    All? I don' t even know he had a sitcom? What happened? Miss his YT videos

  • Alex G
    Alex GMuaj më parë

    Guess you're done with this channel. Very sad.

  • James Sawyer
    James SawyerMuaj më parë

    One of my favourite actors a real professional. Kevin you are amazing!

  • Shiz Nasty
    Shiz NastyMuaj më parë

    Kevin why fatty cakes why!!

  • Someone Other Than Me
    Someone Other Than MeMuaj më parë

    mein gott so many germans

  • barshalen99
    barshalen99Muaj më parë


  • 0ucantstopme0
    0ucantstopme0Muaj më parë

    MORE CONTENT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cameron Harris
    Cameron HarrisMuaj më parë

    Any way of seeing sound guy doing miley cyrus music video nothing breaks like the heart music video??? Alot of comedy gold could be in that video

  • [BCSO] Pacific
    [BCSO] PacificMuaj më parë

    Sound guy back to the future

  • Mikey Mike
    Mikey MikeMuaj më parë

    Kevin, please create some more Hopes and Dreams!

  • Generation Noise
    Generation NoiseMuaj më parë

    your YT channel is 10 times funnier then the crew ...just saying man . I think most folks are over big Hollywood crap ...actually you know what most people are over so i is nots going to go thur lmao . Its weird man ...I love all your Yt stuff but cant sit thru 1 crew show ....totally different crowd . I did love and binge on king of queens no doubt , my point is i hope you come back soon buddy ....loving the Yt stuff man .

  • Nitin 55
    Nitin 55Muaj më parë

    We need a sound guy series like a whole series

    PAINTING WITH JIMMuaj më parë


  • Tim K
    Tim KMuaj më parë

    I now know my calling in life.

    BM PUNKMuaj më parë

    Make sure nobody gives you eye contact 😂

  • Anonyomus Stryker
    Anonyomus StrykerMuaj më parë

    Hi. I posted to say I've subscribed, and to say hello and you make funny videos. Please make more, Mr. James! Videos. More videos. :D

  • Jay Walter
    Jay WalterMuaj më parë

    The Crew is funny as hell im reccomending it to all 3 of my friends...wait can an uncle count as a friend????

  • Alex Der Kombinator
    Alex Der KombinatorMuaj më parë

    Great video!

  • Richard Willette
    Richard WilletteMuaj më parë

    This is funny because I was working on the set of Grown Ups 2 (just as a boom mic operator) and Kevin would not even speak to me or look at me and had his assistant communicate for him. He treats regular people like trash.

  • Eugene Wong

    Eugene Wong

    Muaj më parë

    Seriously? With his channel here, I got the impression that he is a down to earth guy.

  • Mr S
    Mr SMuaj më parë

    We need more skits Kevin James!

  • Ein Filmprojekt
    Ein FilmprojektMuaj më parë

    Loved your Performance in Becky!

  • Sebastian D-Punkt
    Sebastian D-PunktMuaj më parë

    im loving it! KJ pls make more so awesome vids! ^^

  • GrapeNuts
    GrapeNutsMuaj më parë

    "Yeah I had an onion"

  • Elijah Stroebel
    Elijah StroebelMuaj më parë

    The man with two names back at it again 😂

  • Daniel Soza
    Daniel SozaMuaj më parë

    Sucks Netflix axed this show.

    ROB-IN-PHILLYMuaj më parë

    Weird...That sound guy could be Kevin's brother, or like at least a cousin or something...Just sayin..

  • Johnny Banana
    Johnny BananaMuaj më parë

    Much like John Krasinski and SGN, looks like Kevin quit on us too. That's Hollywood for ya...

  • Michael Thao
    Michael ThaoMuaj më parë

    We need moar!

  • Nayops 20
    Nayops 20Muaj më parë

    Man I miss this channel

  • Brian Griffin
    Brian GriffinMuaj më parë

    Dude, YOU deserve an Oscar for all of The Sound Guy clips.....I can't remember when I was ever laughing that hard ......incredible....thank you from Germany

  • Matt gaming
    Matt gamingMuaj më parë

    Ok kevin. We know you got the show but we need the sound guy back!

  • Google Police
    Google PoliceMuaj më parë

    Please make more

  • BitHalo
    BitHaloMuaj më parë

    We need Sound Guy in the Matrix!

  • Monster Khan
    Monster KhanMuaj më parë

    Hey Kevin! When are you gonna do a Sound Guy episode for "The Green Mile" (1999)?

  • SkylineWarrior
    SkylineWarriorMuaj më parë

    You LIED! You said Masters of the Universe Revelation is all about He-Man! It's the Teela Show!!

  • Jonas Larsson

    Jonas Larsson

    Muaj më parë

    Is this a joke? You cannot tell Kevin Smith from Kevin James?

  • JT Garcia
    JT GarciaMuaj më parë

    Kevin James is a POS

  • Jonas Larsson

    Jonas Larsson

    Muaj më parë

    Are you thinking of Kevin Smith?

  • brandon garnett
    brandon garnettMuaj më parë

    Kevin do Tom hardy from the series Taboo

  • Spokane Indians
    Spokane IndiansMuaj më parë

    Kevin...Where you at? We need more videos bro.

  • Randomfully Wonderful
    Randomfully Wonderful2 muaj më parë

    What if I love you?

  • Murello
    Murello2 muaj më parë

    Cmon mr james make some new ones

  • Bbearhug Thomas
    Bbearhug Thomas2 muaj më parë

    You give up on YT?

  • Y C
    Y C2 muaj më parë

    Honestly though, I think the sound guy is way cuter. â€ïžđŸ˜

  • Unfinished Project
    Unfinished Project2 muaj më parë

    Of all the defunct ALthe channels, I miss this one the most.

  • Kid Inoculum
    Kid Inoculum2 muaj më parë

    "It's the fingerless gloves. I was gonna with the full one but.. couldn't pull the trigger" Underrated joke.

  • iplaybose
    iplaybose2 muaj më parë

    no more videos ? :(

  • Vinci Boi
    Vinci Boi2 muaj më parë

    So glad that sound guy got THE Kevin James to his videos.

  • Masshole4Life
    Masshole4Life2 muaj më parë

    Come back and do more! Been too long!

  • FlyingFish
    FlyingFish2 muaj më parë

    C'mon Sound guy for Paul Blart

  • Kream
    Kream2 muaj më parë

    Hey, what's this bout you guys not making The Crew season 2?? Aren't you going to pursue that woman? Aren't you going to let us know what happens how the story unfolds? We have too much serious, plot twisted tv-series these days that it was really fun to watch good-old cheesy comedy.

  • Michael


    Muaj më parë

    Dude. Its not them. Netflix stopped it

  • Desert Rider
    Desert Rider2 muaj më parë

    Wife and I watch king of queens all the time. Live audience and great writing. Still all very relevant today as a young married couple in our 30’s. But we can not seem to get behind this new show man. Or that other one. The loud fake audience and the cringe writing. Jesus what happened. Would love to see you guys bring back king of queens with an all new premise. Big fans of that show and you two as actors.

  • levend Soll
    levend Soll2 muaj më parë

    Where are you Kevin?:(( Miss your vids.

  • nath 1000
    nath 10002 muaj më parë


  • BL8
    BL82 muaj më parë

    Kevin vs varion!

  • Cody Dalton
    Cody Dalton2 muaj më parë

    Who what why is this varion? For those who don't know please explain!

  • salleh kamil
    salleh kamil2 muaj më parë

    so thats it? this the last clip?....nooooooooooo

  • Trevor Haywood
    Trevor Haywood2 muaj më parë

    miss you kevin!

  • HiSmiley
    HiSmiley2 muaj më parë

    I love your Video with @Varion ! Greetings from Germany!

  • James Taylor
    James Taylor2 muaj më parë

    Sound guy on a quiet place ,he's the only person making a noise👍

  • Anonimus015
    Anonimus0152 muaj më parë

    Mr. James, can you do a short film "Avengers Infinity war sound guy" please? In my opinion the scene where Thanos Snaps is perfect! Like if you agree

  • Kaylee Gavin
    Kaylee Gavin2 muaj më parë

    Hey Kevin 😊

  • Jeremy’s Iron
    Jeremy’s Iron2 muaj mĂ« parĂ«

    I don’t know how I just discovered this channel, but Kevin James is always cracked me up, so funny man and the editing and lighting on this channel top notch

  • Miller the Official
    Miller the Official2 muaj më parë

    Something tells me the sound guy should get his own movie 🍿

  • Giga
    Giga2 muaj më parë

    As a Sound Guy myself, this is so painfully accurate

  • LittleTreeX
    LittleTreeX2 muaj më parë

    Please come back to youtube and ditch this sitcom...

  • notahotshot
    notahotshot2 muaj më parë

    So, is this channel dead?

  • Herbie
    Herbie3 muaj më parë

    Kevin, where have you been? More videos please.

  • Patrick Burton
    Patrick Burton3 muaj më parë

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  • Ysil La

    Ysil La

    Muaj më parë

    is this thread full of bots/scams?

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    Vivian Victor

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    Jacob William

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    She's good and guaranteed,with her you get to see Bitcoin trading from a different angel... working with her is all about win win win

  • Kalvin Reeves
    Kalvin Reeves3 muaj më parë

    Is the illuminati a real thing in the Hollywood scene?đŸ™„đŸ€š

  • STE Show
    STE Show3 muaj më parë

    When's the next hit?

  • Demortom Gaming
    Demortom Gaming3 muaj më parë

    Not your best work kj. But it was good. I think the more dramatic inducing stuff is by far a more active post for you. But your show your lead. In any case man. I know your busy with the Netflix series, but man, keep these coming. Please lol. As always KJ stay safe and HAVE FUN!

  • Eunhyuek Park
    Eunhyuek Park3 muaj më parë

    Kevin, where you at man!? We need more of these!

  • zoperxplex
    zoperxplex3 muaj më parë

    I hope the Sound Guy never has to work with Christian Bale.

  • Spicy African Man
    Spicy African Man3 muaj më parë

    Why is everyone in this comment section german all of a sudden? Moment mal, warum bin ich plötzlich Deutscher?

  • TheLastSpartan04
    TheLastSpartan043 muaj më parë

    Im a simple dude, i see a Kevin James video and i automatically dislike

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